Excavation Services for Riverton, UT

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Professional Site Preparation

At Carver Construction Inc., we take pride in providing top-notch site preparation services for new construction projects in both residential and commercial sectors.

Our experienced team has the skillset and equipment necessary to tackle all of your site preparation needs, including clearing, grading, and excavation.

Expert Foundation Excavation & Backfill

Our expertise extends to foundation excavation and backfill for new homes, additions, and commercial structures.

We can handle various foundation types, such as basements, crawl spaces, and slab-on-grade foundations, ensuring your project has a solid start.


Reliable Excavation

When taking on a new construction project in or around Riverton, UT, it is important to ensure you have the right tools and equipment in order to complete the job properly. One of these critical items is professional excavation services. Without them, your project could take much longer and be more expensive than desired.

When you hire our excavation services here at Carver Construction Inc., you gain access to the latest and most advanced technology. Our team has years of experience in the industry, plus state-of-the-art machinery that can dig through even the toughest soil and debris. We understand how important it is for your project to stay on schedule and budget, so we strive to deliver accurate results quickly.

Our excavation services can also be used for projects such as pool installation or grading for a driveway. We provide accurate estimates at the beginning of each job so you know exactly what to expect.

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Efficient Utility Installation

Carver Construction Inc. specializes in utility hook-up installations for sewer, water, and power systems in new homes, additions, and commercial projects.

Our dedicated team works closely with you to design and install utility systems that meet your requirements while adhering to local regulations.

Precision Footing & Foundation Installation

Our concrete footing and foundation services guarantee accuracy and quality for new homes, additions, and commercial structures.

We also install retaining walls, using Trimble laser layout systems to survey all our footings and foundations for precise placement.

Trusted Drainage Solutions

We provide reliable drainage solutions for residential and commercial properties, including the installation of French drains, catch basins, and other drainage systems.

Our team is dedicated to preventing water damage and ensuring the longevity of your property.

Safe Demolition Services

Carver Construction Inc. offers safe and efficient demolition services for residential and commercial properties. Our skilled team can handle the demolition and removal of various structures, including houses, garages, and commercial buildings.


Dependable Dump Truck Hauling

With our fleet of dump trucks, we provide dump truck hauling services to import and export dirt and pit materials as needed for each project, ensuring efficiency and convenience for our clients.